Author Topic: Linksys WRT120N + WUSB600N (version 1?)  (Read 3831 times)

December 06, 2009, 06:48:16 PM
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ok so i am trying to get this thing on my home network via wireless, and this thing isn't receiving an address, or showing any signs of connecting. i have gone back to Office Max 2 times now, to exchange parts, not exactly what is going on.

Before, my current network consisted of my PC connected to the modem from Comcast. So, to get the wireless feature going, i wanted to get the N wireless router, so i got the WRT120N kit this afternoon, which came with the router, a free patch cable, and some instructions. Hooking it up was simple, but i didn't know that i would have so much trouble trying to get my Live TV unit to connect!

i first bought the WUSB600n (revision 2)
then supposedly the "correct one", which is not shown on the Linksys product pages.

after some review of the page @, it sucks that this box is very picky on compatibility, even after a firmware update to 1.01.11. Was hoping to get results similar to everyone else that got it to work for themselves, but i will go return all the parts, and not connect it to the internet at this time. the WRT120N was somewhat cheaper @ $54.99 vs the correct model @ $99.99, and i totally thought this would work. Oh well, guess i can't win every time.

USB Wireless Devices:
Linksys    WUSB100 (No Revision)
Linksys    WUSB600N V1

Linksys   BEFSR41
Linksys   RVS4000
Linksys   WRT160N
Linksys   WRT310N
Linksys   WRT54GC
Linksys   WRT54GL

December 07, 2009, 10:40:21 AM
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Ok, since i have changed the router to the correct one (i hope), which is the WRT160N Ultra Range Plus model and am supposedly now using the WUSB600N (first version one, i think - doesn't say on unit), i still cannot get the WD Live box to obtain an IP address. it sees all the networks in the neighborhood, and i am pretty sure that i am typing the password in correctly (wish a keyboard would work on this thing).

Any help from just about anybody is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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December 07, 2009, 01:36:53 PM
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check your router for an activated mac-filter and its logs in the admin section. this will help you see how far you really get.
keep in mind that passwords are case sensitive!


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